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Small cell deployment boosts 4G speeds in Trafalgar Square

Staff Reporter
November 10, 2023

Vodafone says its network racked up 4G speeds of more than 43Mbps at a Trafalgar Square summer event after the installation of seven Ericsson units deployed on lamp posts by wireless infrastructure company Ontix. 

London’s average 4G download speed is 33.6Mbps according to Opensignal.

Ontix’s has has concession agreement for small-cell deployments in the City of Westminster.

“Small cells are becoming an essential solution for Mobile Network Operators, especially in areas where acquiring transmitter sites is difficult. They offer a straightforward means to bridge connectivity gaps and guarantee robust network performance in high-density urban locations,” said Ontix, Chief Commercial Officer Andy McKinnon,

Ericsson small cell units for inner city speed boosts.

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