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OPPO rejects High Court’s Nokia patent license ruling

Staff Reporter
September 12, 2023

OPPO has informed the High Court that it does not accept the Court’s jurisdiction to set a global fair and reasonable rate (FRAND) for Nokia patent renewals and has accepted an injunction against using and implementing the patents while it prepares to appeal the Court’s decision.

OPPO will now appeal the court’s ruling compelling it to acquire a global FRAND (Fair Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory) license for the disputed patents. OPPO argues that a UK court does not have jurisdiction to set a global rate for the Nokia 4G and 5G patents. See the original story HERE

OPPO had a license with Nokia which ended in 2021. But renewal talks stalled over the rate being demanded. Nokia sued OPPO the day after its expiry and applied for injunctions in various countries. OPPO has stated that it is willing to offer FRAND terms set by the English Court. Nokia had the trial at which those terms would have been set adjourned.

Nokia said it is pleased with the decision to grant injunctions against OPPO, stating: “This is another clear victory for Nokia, following the Court’s previous judgments that OPPO infringed two of Nokia’s patents, that both patents are valid, that OPPO was unwilling to renew their license on fair terms, and that Nokia has acted fairly. We would like to emphasise that Nokia does not want to see OPPO exit the UK market. We simply want OPPO to honour its obligations as a user of third-party technology and agree to a fair licensing arrangement.”

OPPO stated: “We oppose the unreasonably high patent royalty fee and will proactively collaborate with relevant parties to resolve this ongoing business matter. Our commitment to local users remains unwavering. Existing users can continue using OPPO products and enjoy future updates and related services. OPPO is hopeful of a positive resolution of this question in the future. OPPO remains operating in the UK and will support our channel partners in bringing the best Q4 offerings to UK consumers.”




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