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Bullitt partners with Verizon to sell Cat phones in US

James Pearce
January 14, 2016

Reading manufacturer will sell the new Cat S50c rugged smartphone in the US as part of deal with biggest operator

Bullitt Group has partnered with US manufacturer Verizon to sell the Cat S50c rugged smartphone in the US.

The Cat S50c is “drop proof”, dust proof and waterproof including a 4.7” Gorilla Glass scratch resistant display that has glove and wet finger technology.

The agreement marks Bullitt’s first direct partnership with a tier one operator in the US. Bullitt licenses the Cat brand from Caterpillar.

According to research by Squaretrade, Americans have spent $23.5 billion repairing and replacing smartphones in the last seven years. 33 percent of consumers stated they have either dropped or damaged their phone and 48 percent of all smartphone users stated they are currently using a damaged smartphone.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones for all aspects of our daily lives as they far transcend their original purpose of voice communication,” said Bullitt Group’s CEO Peter Stephens.

“The strategic achievement represented by this launch of the Cat S50c on the Verizon network confirms our commitment to offering our customers the industry’s most innovative rugged smartphone with class-leading durability.”

The Cat S50c went on sale in the US today, and is on sale exclusively through Verizon and its authorised agents. It costs $399.99 SIM-free from Cat’s website,

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