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YouGov poll reveals majority of Brits don’t expect 5G to impact them positively

Paul Lipscombe
June 23, 2022

Nearly half of Brits surveyed disagree that 5G will have a positive impact on their lives

A new study from YouGov has revealed that just one in five Brits think 5G will improve their lives.

In fact the study – which was conducted through Global Profiles – found more attitudes towards 5G to be negative, as 44 per cent said it will ‘have a negative impact on their lives’.

A third (36pc) of Brits said they were unsure, as 28 markets worldwide were surveyed.

The UK ranked as one of the most pessimistic nations when it comes to 5G, with only Bulgaria (19pc) and Austria (18pc) ranking lower.

In comparison, Thailand saw the most optimistic views around 5G, with 74 per cent of respondents believing it will be positive.

Indonesia (69 per cent) and Malaysia (68 per cent), were just behind, as countries in Asia displayed more positive views, as opposed to European countries.

The most positive European nation towards 5G was Portugal, with 42 per cent, which was the same amount as the two joint-lowest countries in Asia (Singapore and Taiwan).

Meanwhile across Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany, all four countries record over 40 per cent of respondents disagreeing that 5G will have a positive impact on their lives.

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