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‘Facebook phone’ set to be dropped by AT&T, according to reports

Mobile News
May 14, 2013

US operator AT&T is set to drop HTC First handset according to news sources in the country

US operator AT&T is set to drop the HTC First phone, dubbed the ‘Facebook phone’ according to reports in the US.

The handset originally sold for $99 (£65) with a two year contract but last week the price was dropped to 99c (65p) with US media outlets now reporting the network, which currently has the exclusive, is set to drop the device completely.

In the UK EE has an exclusive on the device and remains set to launch it in the Summer.

The HTC First has been dubbed the ‘Facebook phone’ as it comes with the new Facebook Home app pre-installed over the top of its Android OS.

Facebook Home is also available as a download for US customers using a Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X and HTX One X+. Earlier this week Facebook announced it had been downloaded one million times.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at its April 4 launch the app would be available in the US on April 14, with the UK version following ‘in the coming months’.

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