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China: 5G user base increased despite COVID-19 restrictions

Cynera Rodricks
October 21, 2022

Its overall user base increased from 20.2 million to 369.7 million

China Telecom saw a rise in people upgrading to 5G services in Q3 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 64 per cent of its user base has now signed up for the next-
generation service.

The overall 5G package subscribers rose to 251 million at the end of September and its
user base increased from 20.2 million to 369.7 million.

Mobile service revenue increased by 5.6pc in the first nine months to CNY148.4 billion,
with an ARPU of CNY45.50.

Operating costs increased by 9.9pc to CNY 330.7 billion, with an increase in network
operations and support costs being the main cause.

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