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5G opening up new attack route in Africa

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November 23, 2021

Kenya topped the charts for most cyber attacks in Africa followed by South Africa

5G is opening up a new channel for collaboration between cybercriminals in Africa as people rely ever more on technology, warns Amin Hasbini, head of research for Africa at Kaspersky.

Hasbini also warned of the vulnerabilities created by targeted ransomware gangs using generic malware and more disruptive attacks, as well as more money demands, threats and blackmail.

“5G across Africa means hackers have a new platform to exploit,” he said. “Furthermore, advanced threat actors will buy network access from other cybercriminals.

“This will also result in increased collaboration between these cybercriminals and cyber gangs as they look at more effective ways of achieving their objectives.”

Hasbini added: “Different gangs will also start specialising in tools and other methods to better advance penetration.

“As people and companies rely more on technology, the number of threats will continue to increase. People must accept the risks of living a connected lifestyle and embrace the technology and tools available to safeguard themselves.”

Attacks up

Around 32.8 million cyber attacks took place in Kenya in the first half of this year, compared with 31.5 million in South Africa and 16.7 million in Nigeria, according to Kaspersky.

Totalling 81 million attacks across the three countries, the number represented significant growth in threats year-on- year in each of them – up 24.6 per cent in Nigeria, 16.6 per cent in South Africa and 15.9 per cent in Kenya.

“The most threatened industries common across these three countries are government and telecommunications, with diplomatic, education and healthcare also being causes for concern,” said Hasbini.

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