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FOLLOW US Poor telecom service stopping four million working from home

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
April 25, 2017

25 per cent of UK employees experienced issues with their broadband provider or mobile service when working from home last year

UK employees are being put off working from home because of poor broadband speeds and cellular coverage.

According to new research from, a quarter of employees experienced problems with their service and nearly half of those (46pc) didn’t want to work from home again after encountering severe problems.

One in five employees missed out on new business, 16 per cent of employees missed deadlines and 20 per cent were told to stop working from home all together because of a poor telecom and broadband service.

Throughout 2016 43 per cent of employees in the UK worked from home at least once with that figure rising to 55 per cent amongst 18 to 34 year olds but nearly half of those felt that they could not work from home again.

Amongst the complaints, slow broadband speeds (32 pc) and intermittent connections (11 pc) were the most common when it came to broadband speeds whereas patchy reception (32pc) and no reception at all (11pc) were the highest complaints of mobile service. broadband expert Ewan Taylor-Gibson said: “Flexible working is more popular than ever and it’s a fact that employees who can influence their work environment have better overall job satisfaction.

“Home workers plagued by patchy mobile signal might look to an alternative mobile provider that can provide a better reception in their area to avoid ongoing problems.

“Before committing to remote working, employees should make sure their home office is ready for use”.

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