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Mystery Caller: Sony Xperia Z3

Mobile News
November 5, 2014

Sony released its new Xperia Z3 last month and Mystery Caller wants one but at a cheap price. Can the sales staff sell him one or offer a good alternative instead?

5: O2

I  told her I only ever used Sony handsets and would like to stick with them. ‘Oh, so you’re interested in another Samsung?’ Good listening Sinead

Manner – 2/5
Understanding – 3/5
Knowledge – 3/5
Helpfulness – 1/5
Clarity – 1/5
Overall – 1/5
Total – 11/30

4: Vodafone

He decided to find me a third option but while he was looking he started making small talk about breakfast in bed

Manner – 5/5
Understanding – 2/5
Knowledge – 2/5
Helpfulness – 3/5
Clarity – 4/5
Overall – 3/5
Total – 19/30

3: Three

Midway though he went back to asking questions similar to those he had opened the call with. Kevin just didn’t sound very confident

Manner – 5/5
Understanding – 3/5
Knowledge – 2/5
Helpfulness – 4/5
Clarity – 4/5
Overall – 4/5
Total – 22/30

2: Virgin

I was a bit confused about why Denise hadn’t offered the Z3 as Virgin had it on its website

Manner – 3/5
Understanding – 4/5
Knowledge – 5/5
Helpfulness – 4/5
Clarity – 4/5
Overall – 4/5
Total – 24/30

1: EE

She seemed to know the details of the phone without having to read off a screen

Manner – 3/5
Understanding – 5/5
Knowledge – 4/5
Helpfulness – 4/5
Clarity – 5/5
Overall – 4/5
Total – 25/30


Sony is one of the bigger phone brands on the market and due to it’s popularity, you’d expect sales staff to know their stuff.

Just giving one brand to play with should have made the task easier, so the sales people really needed to know the phones they were offering well.

That wasn’t really the case with Sinead, who didn’t really listen to what I was saying and wasn’t particularly helpful.

Gary from Vodafone and Kevin from Three were much more professional and nicer to speak to. But Gary’s lack of knowledge about the handset undermined him while Kevin’s lack of confidence made it difficult to tell how much he actually knew about Sony phones.

Had Denise at Virgin been a little bit friendlier she could have won this task as her knowledge was excellent.  Her tone let her down a little bit.

EE’s Suzanne managed to find an excellent balance between being nice and polite and showing excellent knowledge. She didn’t once falter under heavy questioning and barely paused to find out information.

Full article in Mobile News issue 576 (November 3, 2014).

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