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Mystery Caller: LG G4

Mobile News
July 15, 2015

Mystery Caller has seen adverts for the new LG flagship, the LG G4, and decided he wants one. Which operator knows the most about the device and can come up with the best deal?

5: Virgin

Diane began telling me the specs for an LG phone, but not the LG G4. I queried again if this was the latest flagship and she said it was. She got a lot of information right about the L90 but it was the wrong handset.

Manner – 3/5
Understanding – 1/5
Knowledge – 1/5
Helpfulness – 1/5
Clarity – 3/5
Overall – 1/5
Total – 10/30

4: EE

Jo was limited by not being able to offer me what I wanted, but she didn’t really excel at offering any alternatives and didn’t explain why the Samsung or Sony devices would offer me a similar experience to the LG.

Manner – 4/5
Understanding – 2/5
Knowledge – 2/5
Helpfulness – 2/5
Clarity – 4/5
Overall – 3/5
Total – 17/30

3: Vodafone

I wanted to know a little bit more about the phone and asked him how big it was. Dave decided to double check but couldn’t find the screen size on his computer instead of giving the full dimensions in millimeters

Manner – 4/5
Understanding – 3/5
Knowledge – 3/5
Helpfulness – 3/5
Clarity – 4/5
Overall – 3/5
Total – 20/30

2: Three

Mike correctly identified it as the LG G4 and said it was a great choice – he wanted to get one for himself when his upgrade came around.

Manner – 4/5
Understanding – 4/5
Knowledge – 4/5
Helpfulness – 4/5
Clarity – 4/5
Overall – 4/5
Total – 24/30

1: O2

I asked for more information and Lee was excellent. He said it came with a 5.5 inch screen, running on the latest Android software.

Manner – 5/5
Understanding – 5/5
Knowledge – 5/5
Helpfulness – 5/5
Clarity – 5/5
Overall – 5/5
Total – 29/30


We wanted to the latest flagship from LG or, if it wasn’t available, then to be offered a decent alternative that gave a similar experience.

Virgin’s Diane did offer an alternative, which itself was an LG device, and her deal even included a tablet as a freebie, but it was odd given that she could have sold me the G4 and kept trying to avoid it.

Jo said that EE didn’t sell the G4 but didn’t really give much good information about the alternatives she offered and got a lot of the specs wrong.

Vodafone’s Dave was even more frustrating in a way,  as he seemed to know a lot about the device and actually offered it, but it was like getting blood out of a stone.

Mike at Three was much better, offering the deal crisply and efficiently, although he could have described the device in more detail.

O2’s Lee excelled – he answered every question I had about the phone in more than enough detail, taking an easy win.

Full article in Mobile News issue 592 (July 6, 2015).

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