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Apple scraps physical SIM on USA iPhone14 models.

Staff Reporter
September 7, 2022

USA move to eSIM hailed as a ‘game changer’

Apple has scrapped the physical SIM tray in American versions of the iPhone 14 and replaced it entirely with an electronic SIM.

The move was hailed by Amdocs group president and head of technology Anthony Goonetilleke as a “watershed, game-changing moment for seamless connectivity”. 

“We’re seeing momentum towards eSIM across the telecoms sector. We expect this to grow as consumers, OEMs and communications service providers realise the full scale of the possibilities unleashed by this exciting new technology. Apple’s influence and reach is such that this could be the tipping point for the eSIM revolution”.

Luc Vidal, Head of M2M/IoT Business at global interconnectivity provider BICS was equally enthusiastic.

“Integrating an eSIM into the iPhone is a logical move, allowing customers to activate or change service plans in minutes. Customers can have multiple numbers from different operators .. eSIMs make it easier to change providers. This will create healthy competition to improve network performance and customer service. We will see service levels improve across the telecom industry. as the technology becomes more widely adopted, 

However, even Apple’s embracing of the eSIM may soon be old hat. The telecoms industry is already working  iSIM, an invisible software solution integrated into the processor.

CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood said:

“Network operators globally will be watching closely to see whether the move sees a shift in Apple’s balance of power over US carriers. If the eSIM-only iPhone is successful in the US, Apple will take this approach to advanced markets in Europe and beyond with iPhone 15 in 2023”

Wood also praised the iPhone 14’s capability to make SOS calls straight to a satellite without the need for the user to be within terrestrial coverage.

“The investment to add satellite capability should not be underestimated. It will likely have taken Apple years to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place including a commercial agreement with satellite provider Globalstar and the creation of the infrastructure needed to pass messages to the emergency services”.

Apple aficionados cheered the iPhone 14 Pro’s animated ‘Dynamic Island animated ‘notch’ which can expand according to the always-on content displayed at the top of the screen.

Comments on the MacRumors website were unanimously positive (“Dynamic Island is amazing! Good job!”, “Wow, Dynamic Island! Guess who is getting a new iPhone?”, “Dynamic island is such a great idea. Bravo Apple, probably one of the best features in years to the UI”, “this is what the notch should have been. I’m sold”, “Android Manufacturers, start your Photocopiers”, “Beautiful implementation of the island. Well done Apple”. “The Dynamic Island stole the show”, “I did NOT see that one coming. I freggin love it”, “This feature alone makes iPhone 14 an exciting upgrade”).

‘Dynamic Island” animates the notch to deliver continual notifications

Sim-free prices for the base 28GB storage versions of the new range start at £849 for the iPhone 14, moving up to £938 for the iPhone 14 Plus with the 6.7-inch display and then jumping to £1,099 for the iPhone 14 Pro, and £1,199 for the iPhone Pro Max (6.7-inch screen). Lottery winners can pick up an iPhone Pro Max with 1TB of storage for £1,749.

The iPhone 13 remains in the lineup for £649 with the latest iPhone SE the least expensive a £449.

Dynamic island: ” such a great idea” (but only for the iPhone Pro)

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