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2017 predictions: Three UK director of customer strategy Danny Dixon

Mobile News
January 17, 2017

Three UK director of customer strategy Danny Dixon tells Mobile News his thoughts on what might happen this year, including consumer control, the rise of SIM-only and the challenge of retaining customers

In a saturated market, mobile providers have to work harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. I believe that the future mobile service will be more personalised with users able to choose not just the data and voice service that is right for them but also additional services such as roaming, faster speeds and access to different types of content. The modern consumer wants to be in control and networks will have to meet the customer demand.

The rise of SIM-only, where contracts last as little as 30-days, means that operators must work harder than ever to retain their customer base. Coupled with next year’s long-awaited reform of the switching process – which should make it easier for consumers to switch – this means that loyalty schemes are going to become increasingly important for service providers.

The industry will continue the trend of moving towards seamless connectivity and handover between cellular and WiFi networks. Customers just want a service that works wherever they are and allows them to connect to their friends and the wider world. WiFi is a complementary technology to cellular and seamless handoff between the two will become the norm.

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