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2017 predictions: HTC president of Europe Greig Williams

Mobile News
January 17, 2017

HTC president of Europe Greig Williams tells Mobile News his thoughts on what might happen this year, including the stepping stones to artificial intelligence and growing relevance of Internet of Things

This year will be a turning point when this sector not only transforms itself but is impacted by the much wider world, driving and effecting decision making in a way previously unseen. It will be revolution rather than evolution, impacting consumer and enterprise sectors like never before.

There should, and will, be massive changes and variety in what smartphones offer, and there will be many branching paths. Differentiation will become even more stark in the sector with the big winners being those at the forefront of innovation and those that adapt/predict the quickest to the revolution.

We have continuously seen a change in what smartphones offer. With the advent and popularity of mobile gaming, interactivity with home music and video systems and VR, smartphones are now many people’s go-to entertainment device, and this will only evolve.

It isn’t limited to that though. With the stepping stones into AI we’ve seen and the growing relevance of IoT, live streaming and more – your phone’s capabilities will widen and its connectivity to your life will only be accentuated over the course of the year.

This won’t only affect customers, but businesses too – phones should be a powerful empowering and time saving tool, and allow companies to be more connected, more of the time – while only concentrating on things that matter.

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