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FOLLOW US adds fixed-phone network power to mobile devices

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May 4, 2021

System gives real-time network control to phone systems has launched a Hosted Voice addition to its myplan offering to improve remote working by bringing all the functionality of a desk phone to a mobile device.

The myplan portal  launched last July. It devolved the use of SIM management from the network to the customer and gave customers s the ability to analyse data usage and track location on any devices down to the minute, as well as track airtime and text messaging.

Customers can connect, configure, and control their phone system in one place, and in real-time.

The expansion of the myplan platform from mobile to fixed phones is claimed to bring all the functionality of a desk phone to a mobile device.

Companies can control charges and manage calls by enabling or restricting specific usage such as international calls and premium-rate numbers and enable limits to certain extensions or call types without having to contact a provider or network to do it for them.

The Hosted Voice solution offers own-brand hardware with embedded customisation of features, controls and live alerts. .

CEO and co-founder Dan Craddock said: “ customers will now have maximum flexibility to manage their entire business communications needs through instant access to insight and tools that are simply unmatched in the marketplace. Hosted Voice offers all the functionality enjoyed by mobile customers. We’ve also launched a wide range of new features, products and tariffs to ensure that customers have the ultimate level of choice and flexibility when designing the business telecoms solution that is right for their individual needs.”

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