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Mystery Caller: Apple iPhone 6

Mobile News
October 20, 2014

A new iPhone is on the market and millions have rushed out to buy the device. Mystery Caller is one of those millions – but what can our CSAs offer him?

5: Virgin

Why didn’t she ask me if I was a Virgin customer first rather than giving me the cheaper deal then snatching it away?

Manner – 3/5
Understanding – 1/5
Knowledge – 1/5
Helpfulness – 1/5
Clarity – 1/5
Overall – 2/5
Total – 9/30

4: O2

02 is a technology company so having technology that seems to break all the time, legitimately or not, gives off a really bad impression to the customer

Manner – 2/5
Understanding – 2/5
Knowledge – 1/5
Helpfulness – 2/5
Clarity – 2/5
Overall – 2/5
Total – 11/30

3: Three

Manire asked what I wanted to spend and I plumped for £45 per month as a rough budget. He said that would be a struggle and I might have to pay a bit more

Manner – 4/5
Understanding – 3/5
Knowledge – 4/5
Helpfulness – 4/5
Clarity – 4/5
Overall – 3/5
Total – 22/30

2: EE

I decided to be a little bit cheeky and told her I needed it by next week. She handled it well, explaining that 30 days is the maximum

Manner – 4/5
Understanding – 4/5
Knowledge – 4/5
Helpfulness – 4/5
Clarity – 3/5
Overall – 4/5
Total – 23/30

1: Vodafone

He gave me a lot of different price options and kept on dropping in more benefits of going with Vodafone

Manner – 4/5
Understanding – 5/5
Knowledge – 5/5
Helpfulness – 4/5
Clarity – 4/5
Overall – 4/5
Total – 26/30


The launch of a new iPhone is a massive event, so the operators should be well prepared to sell it

Unfortunately, not every CSA had done their homework or looked up the new devices as they failed to answer even basic questions about the new handsets.

Mary from Virgin was woeful – at times it felt as though she didn’t even know that a new iPhone had been released.

The guy from O2 either had faulty equipment or a lack of confidence. Either way, blaming the technology at a tech firm is terrible.

Manire from Three and Sam at EE were both OK but should have been more upfront about availability issues.

Cai achieved a deserved win for Vodafone, offering a good range of options and answering every iPhone question with a confident, succinct answer.

Full article in Mobile News issue 574 (October 6, 2014).

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