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Tata Communications onboards TeleWare’s call and SMS recording software

Jasper Hart
June 22, 2020

Telcos aim at financial sector companies who face legal recording obligations

Global telco giant Tata Communications has struck a partnership with Yorkshire-based solutions provider TeleWare, that will see TeleWare’s mobile voice and SMS recording software become part of Tata’s MOVE mobility platform.

The partnership is intended to target financial sector companies, who face legal obligations in many countries to keep a record of all communications. TeleWare claims to be the only organisation to offer SIM and app-based compliant recording. Tata provides network enabling solutions for companies across the world, including 300 of the Fortune 500, across IT and Unified Communications.

In the mobile sphere, it provides MVNE and global business SIM services.

“International organisations are under increasing compliance and regulatory pressure to capture mobile communications,” said TeleWare CEO Steve Haworth.

“Through our collaboration with Tata Communications, we will bring our call-recording capabilities to organisations worldwide to help them meet their evolving business demands. In addition, the MOVE platform will serve as a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective foundation for the provision of our mobile communications services across Europe.”

Tata’s associate vice president of mobility and IoT, Damien Stephens, added: “The addition of TeleWare’s call-recording to our platform will help our customers in some of the most stringently regulated industries to empower their employees to use their mobile devices to communicate and collaborate seamlessly – without having to worry about keeping a record of such communications.”                                                                               “

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