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Pangea launches solution for partners to monitor productivity and connectivity

Paul Lipscombe
August 4, 2020

The solution also offers Pangea partners’ protection from malicious web-based threats 

Pangea has unveiled a new mobile content filtering solution called Pangea Protect designed to boost its partners’ productivity.

Pangea Protect has been designed to set rules around which websites can be visited by users.

To do this it uses AI to govern the list of accessible and inaccessible websites.

This solution also provides data that reveals what the connectivity is being used for and keeps devices protected from malicious web-based threats.

As all of this is done at the network gateway, it means Pangea Protect is ready to go on each device or budget for multiple licenses.

Pangea MD Dan Cunliffe said: “We built Pangea Protect to bring control and peace of mind to our partners.

“It’s an essential defence against harmful online threats, all while saving time and money with its per-network functionality and ability to prevent data wastage.”

This service will be suitable for companies that face stricter compliance regulations according to Pangea.

Productivity measurement

This doubles as a productivity measurement tool and can be used to block distracting websites such as social media. This could potentially reduce data costs for businesses.

Cunliffe added: “To top it off, the mobile content filter is available on all the managed services we already provide; so it adds extra value and differentiation to the services that our partners receive from us.”

So far the solution has been deployed to help on-the-move healthcare workers to protect sensitive NHS data, education providers to help look after students and private companies that need to optimise data and increase productivity.

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