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Mobile will be crucial to post-lockdown channel health, says Daisy’s Parven

Jasper Hart
June 12, 2020

Dealer has grown indirect partner connections by 250pc in past three years

Daisy Communications has more than doubled its indirect mobile connections in the past three years, and indirect channel director Julien Parven believes the sector will only become more important post-lockdown.

At the end of its 2017 financial year, the dealer had 11,271 indirect mobile connections. Since then, it has added 29,026.

As a percentage of Daisy’s overall business, mobile continues to increase. According to figures provided by the company, mobile has risen from 28 per cent to 34 per cent of overall annual revenues.

Additionally, mobile connections account for almost 50 per cent of new monthly revenue.

“Our growth is due to multiple key reasons including how we present mobile to the customer with flexible tariffing, flexible data and tenures,” said Parven (pictured). “Combine those with the fact that we, before any directive from Ofcom, already de-link the device from the airtime, means that we have been able to be very competitive in our customer proposition.”

Parven added that business during lockdown had continued to be strong.

“We reset some budget numbers at this outset of this financial year in recognition of Covid-19,” he said. “In month one we were hitting 116.4 per cent of the budget in revenue, month to were were 120 per cent, and this month we’re tracking to be slightly higher again.”

Parven believes the channel will create new opportunities in the wake of the pandemic.

“Businesses will adapt and adopt a new way of working, and we absolutely see mobile as one of the cornerstones of that,” he said. “There will be some channel consolidation, but also some new opportunities will emerge. We’re already seeing it with the thermal imaging sensor capabilities of Cat devices, and there’s no doubt that some of the healthcare applications in place elsewhere will be in development for mobile if they’re not already.”

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