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Your Company Comms supplies Unison with Samsung smartphones despite lockdown

Paul Lipscombe
April 27, 2020

The dealer announced the partnership with Unison in November 2019

Your Company Comms has completed the delivery of its smartphones to Unison despite the government lockdown in place due to the coronavirus outbreak.

It follows the Ealing-based dealer onboarding trade union Unison in November last year.

The deal saw Your Company Comms agree to providing Unison with 2,150 Samsung Galaxy A40 smartphones on the EE network, with the deal worth near to £800,000 in contract revenue for EE.

However the rollout of this contract was disrupted due to the global pandemic, with this project starting at the start of last month.

But despite this Your Company Comms has been able to deploy the smartphones to the workers home addresses, and in the process upgrade Unison workers from BlackBerry smartphones to Samsung A40 models.

Your Company Comms sales director Chris Griffin commented: “We’ve had to change the rollout method from physically going to these sites with our deployment teams to instead supporting Unison remotely.”

The dealer initially deployed some phones to the Leeds office and had started in London, before the lockdown put a stop to that.

“It’s been challenging as there’s been an awful lot of moving parts, such as ensuring the couriers are picking up the devices and they’re getting delivered in a timely manner.

“But we’ve been able to set up the device so that it’s more or less in the final stages of preparation for when it reaches the end user.”

Griffin told Mobile News that Your Company Comms has been able to remotely set up each device through its mobile device management (MDM) system.

He added:“This has been a very important contract for us. Winning the Unison contract for us was a very big marker in our company’s history. To be able to help Unison as much as we can during difficult times is satisfying for us.”

Unison – which has members that work for the NHS and police force – has thanked the dealer for its support.

“You and your team have contributed to Unison’s efforts to continue to provide the support our members need in unprecedented times and our collective battle against Covid-19 for which we are very appreciative,” said a letter from Unison to Your Company Comms.

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