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Cellhire unveils white-label SIM management & billing portal

Megan Robinson
March 1, 2022

The white-label approach to all alerts and emails allows reseller partners the chance to send alerts directly to the customer chain

Global mobile telecoms provider Cellhire has launched phase one of its white-label version of its Atlas SIM management & billing portal.

This will enable indirect partners and resellers to offer a branded portal to its customers and features SIM control, SIM status, data usage and billing information and spend cap control.

Phase two will be introduced later this year and will add enhancements of SIM control such as setting spend caps and alert levels and giving partners greater control.

Cellhire UK Managing Director Matt Bennett said: “The portal puts indirect partners and resellers back in control of their SIMs, usage and billing information, and alerting and spend cap, across multiple networks.

“The white-label approach will be a real aid when onboarding new partners and further enhances why UK Resellers who want to provide IoT and voice and data services to their customers, choose Cellhire as their preferred partner.”

Cellhire Group Chief Technology Officer Peter Whelerton added: “The white-label version of the portal will provide an infinite number of tiers, allowing every level of the supply chain to offer a portal in their branding to their customers with all the main SIM control functions, billing, and usage information.”

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