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Vodafone terminates Quindell partnership

Mobile News
July 5, 2011

Nearby Vodafone platinum partner Premier Telecom takes over base from mobile dealer and marketing firm following investigation into complaints

Vodafone is terminating its partnership with mobile dealer and marketing firm Quindell, following an investigation into complaints about misselling of upgrades to Vodafone customers.

Vodafone platinum partner Premier Telecom is taking over the base. Quindell’s HQ (pictured), which includes a commercial leisure-complex complete with golf course and spa, is in Fareham in Hampshire, near Premier’s own HQ.

Premier Telecom managing director Darren Ridge said: “Being Vodafone’s number one business partner and with Quindell based less than a mile-and-a-half away from our offices, we were the obvious people to look after the base for it.”

Complaints about Quindell’s tactics have appeared on Vodafone message boards and other forums.

Forum posts have accused Quindell staff of trying to give the impression they were working directly for Vodafone, and of misleading customers about what upgrade they would receive.

Some consumers have used forums to accuse Quindell of trying to get security details such as date of birth from customers, and of being abusive.

Vodafone staff have been appealing for further information from disgruntled customers online since February, and it is understood the operator has now taken action to terminate its contract with Quindell.

A spokesperson for Vodafone said: “Any reports we receive of misselling are treated seriously. We will always investigate fully and take appropriate action where necessary.

“If a dealer is in breach of the terms of its agreement, we will exercise our right to terminate.”

In May, Quindell was purchased by Mission Capital, a property investment firm. The acquisition allowed Mission Capital to be readmitted to the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market, after being delisted earlier this year.

Last month, Mission Capital bought Business Advisory Services (BAS) for £8.2 million, the majority of which was paid in shares. BAS offers commercial price comparison services for telecoms purchases, insurance and utilities such as electricity and gas.

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