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Vodafone Group confirms talks with Liberty Global to buy assets

Manny Pham
February 5, 2018

Vodafone refutes claims of a merger between both

Vodafone Group confirmed it is in discussion with Liberty Global to acquire sections of its European business, after rumours swirled around an asset swap.

An asset exchange was proposed three years ago between both firms but was abandoned.

In a statement Vodafone Group confirmed it was not discussing a merger: “Early stage discussions with Liberty Global regarding the potential acquisition of certain overlapping continental European assets owned by Liberty Global.”

“There is no certainty that any transaction will be agreed, nor as to the terms, timing or form of any transaction.

“Vodafone is not in discussion with Liberty Global regarding a combination of both companies”.

An initial report from The Financial Times, said the proposed deal was  a swap of assets similar to three years ago, which was not confirmed in the statement form Vodafone.

The swap of assets talk in 2015 failed to launch over an agreement on value of the assets on offer.

Recently media speculation rose on a similar deal being tabled, reporting discussions were rekindled, others claimed a potential merger.

In 2015 both firms completed one merger deal combining assets in the Netherlands to create mobile network VodafoneZiggo. The deal fuelled speculations of a merger only to be dismissed by Liberty Global CEO Mark Fries.


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