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TWN: Voda partners with Chunghwa

Mobile News
November 12, 2009

Vodafone has partnered with Taiwanese operator Chunghwa Telecom to offer greater services to both networks’ customer bases.

The two companies have signed a non-equity partner market agreement to provide customers with high quality communications services and enhanced roaming arrangements.

Under the terms of this partner market agreement, Chunghwa has exclusive access to a range of products, services and devices from Vodafone in Taiwan.

Chunghwa will also be able to draw on Vodafone’s experience in supply chain management, technology development, the acquisition of enterprise customers as well as improved inter-working between networks.

The partnership with Chunghwa will allow Vodafone to offer its customers a range of services, which utilise “home” network capabilities as well as extended coverage within Taiwan. The two companies will provide additional support to Vodafone Global Enterprise customers, who will soon be able to benefit from added Vodafone business solutions such as Vodafone Mobile Broadband and BlackBerry from Vodafone.

Vodafone said the Chunghwa partnership in Taiwan would boost its presence in Asia, building on existing relationships with partners like China Mobile, SmarTone-Vodafone in Hong Kong, M1 in Singapore, Celcom in Malaysia, Dialog in Sri Lanka, dtac in Thailand, SoftBank in Japan, and Vodafone Fiji plus Vodafone’s existing operations in India, Australia and New Zealand.

Vodafone partner markets chief executive Richard Daly said:  “Our agreement with Chunghwa, the leading operator in Taiwan, is a great opportunity for Vodafone to build its presence in this economically important Asian market. This partnership will deliver enhanced roaming capabilities for our respective customers, as well as realise significant benefits for enterprises in the region through the superior connectivity achievable through Vodafone’s business products.”

Chunghwa Telecom chairman Shyue-Ching Lu added: “Chunghwa’s cooperation with Vodafone is good news for both Chunghwa and Vodafone customers as both brands can broaden their international market presence.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide our customers membership of the world’s largest mobile community. With this cooperation, we will be able to leverage the Vodafone network to extend our superior service quality and provide added support to the overseas operations of Taiwanese businesses. International roaming is only just the beginning of our cooperation with Vodafone.

“Looking forward, the cooperation will be extended to joint procurement and the sharing of world-class products and technologies. Through this partnership we will be able to better serve our market leading subscriber base and enable us to better support our corporate customers.”



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