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Telefónica general manager Alder to take charge of VOIP company

Mobile News
January 18, 2011

Trevor Healy promoted to Jajah chairman and will be replaced by Steve Alder as chief executive of California based VoIP provider

Telefónica has made senior management changes at its California based VoIp provider Jajah with its Telefónica Europe general manager UK and Group Devices Steve Alder replacing Trevor Healy as Jajah chief executive.

Healy will become Jajah chairman as well as taking on the newly created position of Telefónica Europe chief innovation officer.

A replacement for Alder (pictured) who will relocate to California as part of the reshuffle is yet to be announced.

The changes will be effective from March 1.

Based in California’s Silicone Valley, JaJah was purchased by Telefónica in December 2009 for ‚¬145 million.

It has been “instrumental” in setting up products for O2 and Movistar customers in Germany, Spain and the UK, according to Telefónica.

Alder’s appointment will tie in with further Jajah product launches in Latin America and Europe this year a Telefónica statement says.

Telefónica Europe chairman and chief executive Matthew Key said: “The appointment of a CIO for Telefónica Europe is a critical step in seizing the many opportunities afforded by today’s Digital Revolution and I am delighted that Trevor has accepted this challenge.

“Trevor is a highly successful entrepreneur possessing a wealth of experience having played key roles at Jajah, PayPal and VeriSign. He has also started and been a board member of a number of very successful Silicon Valley companies in the mobile space.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Steve Alder and his promotion to CEO of Jajah shows once again the depth and breadth of talent within the Group. I am confident that under Steve’s management the Jajah business will continue to prosper.”

Healy will retain his position on the Telefónica Europe board, attending quarterly meetings.

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