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Sky Mobile enters handset market

Alex Yau
March 29, 2017

The MVNO will offer handsets from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Sony and LG

Sky Mobile has extended its product range by offering handsets alongside its existing range of airtime contracts.

The O2 MVNO is to launch the new offerings at the end of this month, with the full range of Apple handsets available alongside the Samsung Galaxy S7, A5 and J5 smartphones. Devices from Sony and LG can also be bought.

It comes nearly four months after the company went to market at the start of the year and allows customers to separate both airtime and handset contracts. Two packages will be available with no upgrade fees; Swap12 and Swap24. They will be added alongside existing data plans of 1GB (£10 per month), 3GB (£15 per month) or 5GB (£20 per month).

Customers on either package will simply be able to swap their old device after one or two years for a new device. They would simply need to send their phone back. Those who wish to keep their phone will have reduced monthly payments on the handset until the end of their airtime contract.

Pricing for devices start from £6. For example, a 32GB iPhone 7 on a Swap24 plan will cost £33 altogether (£23 for the handset and £10 for the airtime). The pricing of the handset reduces to £21.50 if the subscriber chooses not to trade in the device.

The company claims the service has four USPs. ‘Roll’ allows customers to save unused data from any billing period for up to three years. Second is ‘Mix’ which enables the upgrade or downgrade their data plans. Third is ‘Save,’ which waives any charges on minutes or texts for Sky TV customers. Lastly ‘Sync’ will allow Sky TV subscribers to watch Sky box shows on their smartphone.

Sky Mobile UK and Ireland chief executive Stephen van Rooyen said: “Our mission to shake up the mobile market continues. Customers told us they want an affordable way to have the phone they want, when they want – so that’s exactly what we are doing. This means no more paying for expensive upgrade fees or long waits to get the latest models.”



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