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Shebang readies B2B assault on rivals

Michael Garwood
September 12, 2011

Tanny Cordingley heads up new B2B franchise programme – Shebang Business Solutions, with airtime agreements with all networks except Vodafone

Shebang has agreed airtime deals with O2, Everything Everywhere and Three as part of a new B2B franchise programme, which launches this month.

The new franchise business is being headed up by Shebang Business Solutions MD Tanny Cordingley (nee-Price) who left Brightstar Europe in January after 18 months as MD, to join Shebang. She has also been managing director of Avenir and held senior sales roles at Vodafone which embroiled her in litigation with Avenir over her contract with Vodafone.

Cordingley, who begun her new role in May, exclusively told Mobile News the franchise scheme represented “the next level” of distribution, allowing B2B partners to have a local focus, with the support and presence of a national organisation.

“I want to build a community of dealers who interact with one another, with partners covering specific areas, to remove the chances of competing against one another,” Cordingley said. “I want between 60 and 100 dealer partners within the programme by the end of next year. We only want partners who don’t sell on price, but who can offer customers a full solution of products and services.  We have to be selective because we don’t want too many.”

Dealers signing up to the programme are required to rebrand themselves as ‘Shebang Business Solutions’ (SBS) and trade exclusively with Shebang for handsets, airtime and accessories.

The programme has been trialled with seven mobile dealers in the past few months. They are averaging around 700 connections per month between them. The names of the trial dealers are not being revealed.

Shebang boss Iain Humphrey added: “There is a pent-up demand for a credible business partner who can deliver in consumer and B2B. Shebang is in a position to be the leading provider. Tanny’s record speaks for itself. Everybody who knows her, shares my confidence.”

Airtime deals have been signed with all network operators, except Vodafone. The operators will also provide connection leads to dealers that will be monitored by Shebang and the operator.

Shebang will also contact the customer within a week of connecting, ask about their experience and ensure standards remain high.

Each partner will be charged a calculated fee to join the franchise. Dealers operating under the Go Mobile banner as part of its Purple Partnership franchise currently pay around £500 per month.

Dealers will also pay each month to use its web-based SpeedPortal which provides account management and to processing airtime connections.

Shebang will manage all stock orders placed. Shebang will also manage each dealer’s SBS website, assist with recruitment, and provide staff training.

Franchisees will at first only be allowed to sell mobile products and services. But areas within Shebang’s IT and fixed line will be added shortly. Shebang will also become a Microsoft gold partner in the coming months.

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