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Orange increases upgrade commissions

Paul Withers
November 16, 2010

Orange adds more than £100 to upgrade commissions for November at least

Orange has increased business upgrade commissions for band five customers by £100 from £225 to £325.

Partners have yet to be told whether the offer will continue beyond the end of this month.

Business customers are placed in bands from numbers one to five, with the latter consisting of the highest spending customers.

Scancom director Chen Kotetcha said: “It’s a case of even more retention rather than a noticeable increase in business. New business is always there but our main priority is to look after our existing customer base because retention is key due to the introduction of revenue share.

“You have to be focus on retaining your current base if you plan to be in it for the long-run and this commission increase is key in that.”

Mainline Digital Communications managing director Andrew Boden said: “We would anticipate a 20 per cent rise in business this month. It’s a significant hike in commission probably in response to aggressive acquisition commissions from the other operators.”

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