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One-stop-shop vision still realistic for HSC

Michael Garwood
December 20, 2010

HSC says it will not succumb to pressures to side with a single operator, claiming it is “too risky” and fears for its rivals’ futures

HSC told dealer partners at its annual Christmas conference last week it has no interest in siding with a network despite admitting to have had increased pressure to do so, understood to have come largely from O2.

But both sales manager Carlos Pestana and business manager Bob Sweetlove (pictured) claim HSC is meeting required targets set by each operator to retain its license and said it will not drop one partner to support another.

Sweetlove said: “There has been quite a lot of pressure from certain operators asking us to do more with them. Many have said the market is too big to deal with all of it, and they have sufficient depth in their products that there is no need to sell any others.

“We don’t want to align with one network or manufacturer like other distributors are probably being forced to do. Choice and impartiality are our code – in terms of airtime, hardware and software. We will continue to develop that. We have held strong to it. It is too risky to change strategy. There is no knowing what will happen in the market over the next four or five years. We are meeting all our targets.

“Other distributors have been forced to do it because they haven’t sold enough to keep all of them happy. We have always hit the minimum criteria to keep all our partners.”

Pestana added: “There is no other distributor who can offer all those networks. Granted for Vodafone we are only doing prepay at the moment, but we have the broadest portfolio. We have never lost a network due to poor performance. That’s important to us because a lot of our competitors are now starting to hang their hats on a single network. If it was down to the networks, they’d like us to do the same.”

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