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Olive moves monster O2/RIM base to Voda

Michael Garwood
August 17, 2010

B2B dealer Olive Communications transfers £40,000 per month in billed line rental from O2 to Vodafone

B2B dealer Olive Communications has the biggest BlackBerry contract ever signed by an independent dealer, it claims.

Acton-based Olive Communications said it has signed a deal with Coventry job seekers and training company JHP Training to port around 1,750 connections from O2 direct to Vodafone via Yes Telecom. The deal followed three months’ negotiation.

Olive Communications, which earlier this year signed a longterm strategic agreement with Yes Telecom, said JHP has signed an initial two-year contract for 1,250 BlackBerry handsets, connected for voice and data, and a further 500 mobile broadband dongles on the Vodafone network.

The deal is understood to be worth more than £40,000 per month in billed line rental over a two-year period (£960,000).

It is understood to be the biggest BlackBerry order Yes Telecom has ever put through.

Olive Communications said it won the business from O2 based on the level of service it “guaranteed”, including 24/7 customer service, a dedicated account manager as well as fully managed BlackBerry support.

Managing director Mark Geraghty also said the number of connections is “likely” to increase as JHP continues to expand. JHP currently has more than 110 business centres based around the UK.

The deal has seen Olive Communications’ customer base increase to more than 20,000, with more than 70 per cent of those now on Vodafone.

It also recently became one of a handful of dealers to move on to Yes Telecom’s ongoing revenue  share scheme, it said.

Olive Communications said it aims to double its monthly connections to Vodafone to around 600 by the end of the year.

Geraghty said: “The deal is coming from O2 to Vodafone via Yes Telecom, and we understand it is its biggest distribution deal ever on BlackBerry by an independent dealer.

“So we are very happy. It’s a fantastic deal for us.We have recently signed into a longterm deal with Yes Telecom and we couldn’t be any closer. It’s a great win for both of us.”

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