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NED: KPN to cut costs

Mobile News
November 26, 2009

KPN Telecom is expected to undergo a substantial cost saving exercise across all its business channels ahead of restructure in January.

The Netherlands based fixed line and mobile incumbent has been rumoured to be in financial trouble is understood to have now placed a total spending freeze across all its channels and is expected to make a number of redundancies before Christmas.

KPN last week claimed it is seeing signs of recovery, but a source within KPN, based in The Hague, has revealed the cuts in staff and spend are now imminent although details are yet to be finalised.

The news follows its announcement made in February 2008, it was to undergo an internal restructuring programme and admitted up to 2,000 jobs could become redundant within the next three years and is expected to largely effect those in the fixed line teams.

KPN currently has around 30,000 staff working for a number of its mobile and fixed line brands including Simyo, Ortel Mobile, Planet Internet, HCCNet and Tele2 across France, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands.





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