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Micro-P offers salary sacrifice on handsets

Mobile News
December 7, 2010

Smartphones and Three airtime for new dealer initiative from IT and mobile crossover distributor Micro-P

IT and mobile hardware distributor has put together a salary sacrifice scheme for employees of medium and large corporations to take advantage of tax breaks and secure smartphones and Three airtime for private use.

Salary sacrifice allows employees to give up some of their annual salary in exchange for such items as childcare and bicycles, free of tax and national insurance. Employers can save up to 12.8 per cent national insurance on the salary that is sacrificed. Smartphones are also allowed under salary sacrifice schemes.

Micro-P has worked with accountancy firm BDO Stoy Hayward and gained approval from HM Revenue and Customs for its scheme, which it is currently offering to its base of mobile dealers, IT resellers and fixed line agents with airtime from Three.

Micro-P managing director Gerry O’Keeffe (pictured) said: “It’s been quite complex to bring together and is an indication of the kinds of solutions selling we are doing. We are looking at a different market, and ways to serve it. And it is a great opportunity for our dealers and reseller customers to approach HR departments with a brand new offer.”

It expects other network partners for the salary sacrifice scheme in the New Year, but pointed out a flat-rate voice and data package is required with the annual charge to consumers.

Micro-P is offering Apple iPhones, via Three, and also Samsung and BlackBerry handsets with the package.

Micro-P has meanwhile started to sell O2’s Joined Up fixed line package to its communications channel, which it said it has built to a base of 400 customers in just more than 12 months.

Also, it has brought in former Fone Logistics, Midland and Olive Communications account manager Ryan Neale as business development manager for mobile airtime and SIM-free.

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