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Three confirms its 5G mobile service will launch early 2020

Jasper Hart
November 22, 2019

Service to be launched in 14 towns and cities

Three has confirmed that it will delay the launch of its 5G mobile service to early next year.

It had initially said it would have 5G in 25 towns and cities across the UK by the end of 2019.

However, now the operator will have the service launched in 14 towns and cities in early 2020, with the remainder of the UK to follow throughout the year.

The cities include Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, Reading and Wolverhampton.

Three also revealed some statistics from its fixed wireless 5G service in London, which launched in August.

Customers are enjoying average speeds of 232Mbps, with peak speeds of 1.1Gbps being recorded. Three has also doubled the number of 5G masts in London since launch, enabling coverage of “hundreds of thousands of homes”. The operator also said that 500,000 people had done a coverage check for its 5G home broadband service.

Additionally, the operator reaffirmed its commitment that there would be no premium cost for its 5G service.

It also said it had upgraded 1,400 of the 1,860 4G sites it intends to upgrade by the end of the year.

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