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Lycamobile launches on-net service

Paul Withers
September 10, 2010

Lycamobile World from ethnic market MVNO enables customers to call across Europe for half a penny

Lycamobile has launched its international on-net service, Lycamobile World, which it said lowers European costs for six million customers in each of its eight markets to around half a penny per minute.

Customers pay a one time connection fee allowing them to talk to others for 30 mionutes at no charge per minute. Any calls over that time period will be charged at that destination’s standard per minute rate.

For example a UK Lycamobile customer will pay a one off connection fee of 15p allowing them to talk for 30 minutes, which works out at an effective half pence per minute. A customer in Belgium paying a one off connection fee of ‚¬0.19 allowing them to talk for 30 minutes effectively gives them a rate of ‚¬0.006 per minute.

Lycamobile has a presence in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Lycamobile chief executive Milind Kangle said: “Consistent with our vision of being the provider of choice for international communications we will continue to invest in people, process and technology to deliver more valuable products and services to our customers. The Lycamobile World footprint will expand from eight to 11 markets this year, with more to follow in 2011.”

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