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LucidCX launches Insight Retail for mobile store staff

Mobile News
October 18, 2011

Mobile industry support software firm launches retail software to enable store staff to run sales, support and other activities from tablets

Mobile telecoms support software firm LucidCX has released a retail version of its Insight programme for use on tablets by in-store staff.

The software is designed to give staff access to pre and post-sales processes that would otherwise have to be conducted on till terminals which take up more space.

The original call centre version of Insight is currently used by Three, which is LucidX’s largest customer.

Insight Retail runs on iOS, Android and Windows tablets, and is also available as a desktop version for tills.

As well as handling sales, the Insight Retail software allows store staff to access support services to deal with device and network problems in store. LucidCX claims the software allows store staff to offer the same level of support as a call centre.

It also provides quotations, device comparison tools, identity verification, credit checks and payment systems.

LucidCX head of architecture Bill Turner said: “We understand how sales can be lost because customers that are waiting in a line have given up and gone elsewhere, or worse still, losing a sale because there are no free terminals to complete it. This gave us the incentive to develop Insight Retail which removes all of these limits.”

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