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HSC consumer connections slump 63pc

Michael Garwood
December 20, 2010

HSC will continue to put through consumer connections despite a 63 per cent decrease in 2010

HSC business manager Bob Sweetlove (pictured) said the business would continue to support dealers selling to consumers, despite the decline in contract, prepay and SIM-only sales and dealer numbers dropping to around 100. HSC connects consumer business on Three, T-Mobile and Orange only.

Sweetlove said the decline was a continued trend from the networks to bring consumer sales in house and via larger retailers Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U.

He also claimed the stigma surrounding cashback had caused networks to steer clear of the dealer market.

HSC had previously done considerable consumer telesales business with Three. The network dropped third-party call centres earlier this year.

HSC’s new consumer sales fell 64 per cent to 5,500 in 2010 compared with 15,100 in 2009. Its SIM sales  dropped  43 per cent in 2010 to 182,000 compared with 321,500 in 2009. Its prepay numbers fell 47 per cent to 8,900 compared with 16,800 in 2009.

HSC sales manager Carlos Pestana said: “Unfortunately independent retail is under more pressure as multiples and network stores encroach on their areas. They don’t have the tools.”

Business manager Bob Sweetlove said: “The cost of service isn’t massive, dealers are not jamming up the lines and taking our time; they’re using the website.Am I able to make money on those transactions? Yes. Does it mean I am offering a broader offer with each network? Yes. I would rather all operators give us better consumer terms. I would rather have it than not.”

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