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GBL: Alcatel-Lucent develops connected car concept

Mobile News
November 12, 2009

Alcatel-Lucent has developed an ‘LTE Connected Car’ concept demonstrating in-vehicle mobile connectivity.

The LTE Connected Car illustrates how Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband access technology could bring new applications and services to motor vehicles.

The Connected Car has been describes as “a virtual smartphone on wheels”. An LTE broadband radio link brings cloud-based multimedia services into the car, giving an in-vehicle Wi-Fi environment to integrate mobile, multiplayer video gaming, video on demand, navigation, personal security and ‘infotainment’ services to drivers and passengers.

Alcatel-Lucent vice President for emerging technology and media Derek Kuhn said: “The LTE Connected Car concept vehicle highlights just one of the exciting new ways that mobile service providers can potentially expand the range of connected experiences available to their subscribers.

“As we move into the 4G era, where very high-bandwidth, IP-based wireless connections will be widely available, service providers and their customers will be looking for interesting and creative ways to take advantage of the new capabilities these networks offer. Alcatel-Lucent is dedicated to harnessing the strengths of the most creative companies in every industry to help make this vision a reality in the future.”



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