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FRA: Review after Orange suicides

Mobile News
September 3, 2009

Orange France’s HR management team will review its stress management policies after four employees committed suicide this summer.

On August 25, Orange France senior executive vice-President of human resources Oliver Barberot met with representatives of six French trade unions to discuss psycho-social risks within the company’s French quarters.

The most recent suicide of an Orange France employee occurred last month, and it was the 20th employee to take their own life since February last year.

The company said: “The joint review of the circumstances of individual tragedies that occurred during the summer shows that the close involvement and support provided by the local managers of the employees who took their own lives unfortunately did not result in avoiding a tragic outcome.”

Orange France management has made commitments to alleviate stress in the workplace, such as reinforcing occupational health teams, improving supervision of the social workers’ team and strengthening local human resources teams.

Barberot has undertaken to improve internal communication, dialogue and training concerning all these areas.

A meeting with staff representatives is planned for September 10.


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