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FRA: FT sets new staff scheme

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November 27, 2009

France Telecom is to implement a career development programme in France, following a spate of 24 employee suicides in the last 20 months.

Orange France has signed an agreement concerning the employment of its senior staff with measures to develop careers.

The company said the agreement was an important part of its overall social policy, and is designed to supplement measures that have already been taken with regards to diversity and non-discrimination.

The agreement also takes place within the context of the group’s new ‘social contract’, which was launched by France Telecom chief executive Didier Lombard (pictured) and deputy Stephane Richard.

The move aims to provide job stability and improved employment opportunities for senior staff, as well as to provide better support and develop the procedures surrounding the end of employees’ careers.

The company will set-up a system in which career orientation interviews are held for employees aged 45 and over. 10,000 such interviews are expected to take place.

It is also adopting specific measures to guarantee access to training for employees aged 45 and over.

The agreement also allows for the deployment of a part-time for seniors plan for all employees who are eligible for retirement with full benefits within three years and who wish to adjust their working time.

The plan is available for all employees and enables them to work on a 50 per cent part-time basis, during a period of at least 18 months and no longer than three years.

Around 14,000 employees will be eligible for this plan. The agreement applies from January 1.



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