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Dealers failing in vertical markets

Paul Withers
December 17, 2010

A recent channel survey by Anglia Telecom Centres has found dealers are failing to unlock the potential of selling bespoke solutions to vertical market sectors

A poll by Daisy Group across a combination of its Anglia Telecom and Fone Logistics distributor bases revealed 78 per cent of respondents needed assistance in identifying and creating marketing opportunities within business sectors they see as central to their operations.

All were asked questions about which mobile networks were of greatest importance to them, the vertical markets most relevant to their business, and their marketing capabilities in putting together activities to address their ideal combination. This resulted in over three-quarters requesting support in building a marketing strategy and campaigns.

Sports, media and leisure were identified as the vertical market sectors of primary importance with a weighted score of 3.75 from a possible five, followed closely by computing and telecoms, transport, travel and logistics and professional services. Education and public sector scored lowest with a weighted score of just over two.

Anglia Telecom and Fone Logistics head of marketing Julien Parven said: “The results of the networks and vertical markets questions came as no surprise to us, but the extent to which our partners are looking for marketing support to be able to realise these opportunities quite amazed us.

“It is however entirely consistent with our approach of becoming more integrated with our partners and offering out our marketing capabilities as an extension to their business. Next year will see a greater number of initiatives that will bring this strategy to life.

“By working closely with our partners to help them understand the fundamentals of marketing and of business development strategies will help set them apart from their competition in creating their niche within their chosen markets.”

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