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CSL and ZTE intro Hong Kong LTE

Mobile News
November 30, 2010

Hong Kong operator CSL is first Asian provider to debut full commercial LTE services with ZTE infrastructure, having run HSPA for 12 months

Hong Kong operator CSL and Chinese vendor ZTE have launched a full LTE/HSPA+ service.

Hong Kong’s total network traffic has increased by over 65 per cent since the Next G network launched there in 2009, and is expected to double each year going forward.

CSL chief Joseph O’Konek said: “This ensures we deliver the best coverage and user experience in Hong Kong while meeting the rapidly increasing demand for mobile data driven by the proliferation of smartphone and tablet devices.

“This technology represents a quantum leap to a new era of mobile broadband for business and entertainment, putting Hong Kong at the forefront of global telecoms innovation.”

The upgrade will provide peak downlink times of 100Mbps and increase overall speed and access for CSL users, the company said.

It said the LTE/dual-band HSPA+ network makes viable full mobile cloud computing for the first time, and ensures ubiquitous coverage for businesses and consumers.



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