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CHN: ZTE passes S1/X2 test

Mobile News
June 1, 2010

ZTE and China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MII) have completed what they are calling the world’s first S1/X2 interface conformity test, which ZTE said is an important development under MII’s initiatives for the deployment of TD-LTE.

ZTE was invited by MII to conduct the trial in advance of large-scale system tests. The test was a success and passed all requirements set forth by MII for the S1/X2 interface conformity test, it said, making ZTE the first in the world to successfully complete the related trials.

Within the LTE network infrastructure, the S1 interface is the communications interface between the LTE eNB (base station) and EPC (packet core network), while the X2 interfaces between eNB and eNB. The success of the S1/X2 interface conformity test validates that ZTE’s TD-LTE system, including its wireless and core network, fully complies with 3GPP standards.

ZTE has been actively involved and participating in TD-LTE tests organised by MII and China Mobile. ZTE said it achieved TD-LTE’s highest theoretical peak download rate in November 2009. In December 2009, ZTE became the first vendor to pass the essential test set for TD-LTE single systems organised by the MTNET Lab of MII followed by the industry’s first field tests.

In January 2010, ZTE passed the TD-LTE field test held by MII making it the first in the industry to submit a TD-LTE field test report to the LTE/SAE trial initiative. Subsequently, ZTE successfully completed an indoor MIMO performance test in cooperation with China Mobile.



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