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CHN: Symbian China deal

Mobile News
September 21, 2009

China Mobile has partnered with the Symbian Foundation to accelerate mobile application development in China and stimulate the 3G market.

The first initiative is the simplification of Symbian Signed testing services for developers submitting applications to China Mobile’s newly launched application store, Mobile Market.

This will allow China Mobile to provide mobile developers with a one-stop facility for testing, signing and publishing their Symbian-based applications.

Symbian has guaranteed its support for China Mobile’s plans to strengthen its 3G network, by allowing more Symbian-based 3G devices to be distributed to the network so more customers will use the 3G network.

China Mobile vice president Lu Xiang Dong said: “By entering this partnership we hope to have greater involvement in the development of new mobile applications, enabling developers to satisfy consumers’ 3G requirements via our Mobile Market store.”

Symbian Foundation executive director Lee Williams added: “The integration of Symbian Signed with China Mobile will enable smoother access for Symbian developers to the largest mobile user base in the world.”


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