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Brightstar makes US distributor purchase

Mobile News
September 22, 2010

Brightstar buys fellow US distributor OTBT in move on value-added reseller market

Brightstar has acquired fellow mobile distributor OTBT as it makes a play to the value-added reseller (VAR) market.

OTBT offers its own proprietary billing and activation platform for value-added resellers (VARs) to manage airtime customers. Brightstar said this will be used to offer VARs a customised and centralised platform to manage all elements of wireless device activation and services, as well as business implementation tools for operators.

Brightstar said OTBT will become a core component of its enterprise services unit, which provides VARs with the ability to accurately procure, track and manage multiple carrier mobility sales, as well as create a stock keeping unit and manufacturers’ suggested retail price for each wireless service.

Initially, Brightstar will focus on helping VARs and their business customers with the activation and renewal process though the system.

Brightstar chairman , president and chief executive Marcelo Claure said: “Historically, VARS have faced a complex challenge when attempting to sell wireless solutions to businesses.

“Similarly, operators are searching for a simple, time-efficient process to work directly with the IT reseller segment.

“Using OTBT’s proprietary solution, Brightstar has simplified that process, allowing VARs to sell wireless airtime and software to their customers in much the same way they would sell a printer cartridge today.”

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