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Barclay wins corporate account from Voda

Mobile News
August 2, 2010

O2 provider Barclay Communications has signed a corporate account from Vodafone understood to be worth more than 350 connections

The Belfast based B2B dealer, and Northern Irelands only O2 COE partner, signed up crisp and snack manufacturer Tayto Golden Wonder, the third largest in the UK, last month after a series of meetings to manage its mobile base.

Barclay, one of the leading O2 connectors in the UK, said it secured the deal as a result of its close working relationship with O2, who attended the meetings with Barclay in Northern Ireland.

Barclay also hopes to include other products and services it manages in to the deal including fixed line, IT management and website hosting.

Its managing director Britt Megahey also said the company was now actively seeking opportunities within the corporate market having recently opened a new 36 seat sales office and recruited two former Vodafone corporate sales team members to help secure and manage corporate accounts.

Megahey said: “We have just secured a deal with Tayto,who own Golden Wonder and are a big name in the UK.

“This customer was from Vodafone so it was a big success and we worked very close with O2, who sat with us the whole way to secure it. Usually those corporate customers are ones we were not chasing but we will be now. It’s a level we want to play at. The two new guys who are from Vodafone will allow us to do so. They will be chasing that corporate market.”

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