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B2B dealer receives Ofcom complaint

Mobile News
July 21, 2011

Intercity customer complains to Ofcom about the firm withholding PAC codes, which were only released following Mobile News investigation

Birmingham-based business communications provider Intercity Telecom has caved to pressure to release PAC codes to one of its customers, following a Mobile News investigation.

Regulator Ofcom received a complaint from Lincolnshire-based business Bullimores Sand and Gravel after Intercity refused to hand over its 59 PAC codes within the 10 working-day limit.

Intercity, which connects O2 and Vodafone and has its own MVNO on both networks, had refused to release the codes until Bullimores accepted early termination costs.

Bullimores has accepted paying for remaining line rentals, but Intercity is also demanding an additional £12,200 for lost ARPU, which Bullimores says it should not have to pay.

Intercity was also the subject of a 2005 investigation by Ofcom into the withholding of PAC codes.

Ofcom rules forbid withholding PAC codes, and state they must be handed over within 10 working days of a request. Any billing disputes must take place after the codes have been provided.

Bullimores had originally requested PAC codes for its numbers on June 1, after deciding to switch its business to Bedfordshire-based Integra ICT.

Mobile News contacted Intercity on July 11 alerting them to the breach of Ofcom rules. The company immediately responded, confirming all PAC codes had now been released – 19 working days late. Intercity refused to make further comment, however.

Bullimores managing director Chris Bullimore (pictured) stated it was “without a doubt” the fear of press involvement that persuaded Intercity to release the codes.

He said: “I’d phoned them endless times and sent them endless emails, all to no avail. It was a quite deliberate policy to make things as difficult as possible.”

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