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Azzurri secures £2.5 million Leicestershire Council deal

Paul Withers
November 10, 2011

Azzuri Communications wins four year, £2.5 million contract with Leicestershire County Council to oversee 4,300 telecoms connections

Unified communications provider Azzurri Communications has won a four-year contract worth £2.5 million with Leicestershire County Council to oversee its 4,300 telecoms connections.

Azzurri, which won the mobile contract from a combination of Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile deals, will provide, manage and support the council’s 3,000-strong mobile telephony estate.

All mobile connections will be connected to O2 and will include a handset and data plan.

Azzurri gained the fixed-line contract from Virgin Media and will manage the council’s 1,300 landline extensions with the provision of hardware and lines from BT.

Both the mobile and fixed line contracts were also held for four years prior to this deal.

Azzurri Communications CEO Mark Quartermaine (pictured) said: “Public sector organisations are looking for the best possible value, but to retain the ability to be flexible and innovative with their ICT.

“We believe our deep experience of consolidating numerous suppliers into one comprehensive managed service, across the entire telecoms spectrum, is why more and more public sector organisations are choosing us as a trusted partner.”

Leicestershire County Council claimed the new contract will enable it to reduce management complexity and drive down operational costs, with anticipated savings of more than £600,000 for the initial term.

Leicestershire County Council assistant director for customer services and operations Roderick O’Connor added: “We are very keen to capitalise on every opportunity for innovating our IT service delivery.

“Azzurri will play a significant part in ensuring that this is achieved. The development of the contract will allow all par- ties to work closely together to identify and apply new applications and processes that result in significant financial or operational improvements.”


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