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20:20 denies competing against own customers

Mobile News
November 11, 2011

20:20 Mobile says websites registered under its name are run on behalf of clients and are not part of its own business

Crewe based distributor 20:20 Mobile says a number of online handset shops registered under its name and address are run on behalf of clients and are not part of its business.

20:20 Mobile made the claims after a number of  online consumer retailers accused the distributor of competing directly with the channel it currently supplies.

The competitors pointed to two sites in particular – and Prepay Wizard the latter which is run entirely through Amazon, both of which are registered under 20:20 Mobile’s name and physical address in Crewe.

The retailers who declined to be named, complained it was unfair 20:20 Mobile was operating in such a manner due to the fact it could source handsets and accessories at distributor prices, while they had to purchase stock at higher prices – often from 20:20 Mobile.

But in a statement 20:20 Mobile UK managing director James Browning (pictured) said both sites in question where part of the distributors wider services offering, where by it provides entire white label online services to its partners.

The service was launched in July at 20:20 Mobile’s Premier Partner event held at Celtic Manor in Newport,Wales as part of  20:20 Mobile’s wider ‘Intelligent Services’ offering and the  distributor currently runs around 30 of these sites for various blue chip and SME partners.

Mobile News reported on the launch of the services at the time in issue 494.

None of the names of the partners can be released by 20:20 Mobile due to confidentiality reasons, although Mobile News understands both and Prepay Wizard are run on behalf of a Hong Kong based client.

As well as the white label service, other offerings include bespoke marketing, technical and software support, including Nokia, BlackBerry, Android and Windows, repair and refurbishment, recycling, insurance and virtual warehousing.

Browning said: “20:20 Mobile regards itself as more than a distributor and for some time have been working with our partners as a value added reseller.

“20:20 Mobile launched to the market in July a series of initiatives aimed at an adding value to our customers via propositions such as outsourced insurance, recycling, technical call centre and white label websites.

“Since July we have brought a number of these propositions to market with our customer base and are in detailed conversations with others about these propositions.

“One area of significant growth has been white label websites where 20:20 Mobile offer web site set up, customer and technical services management, fulfilment and returns which we manage for a number of our existing base for many years and a great deal of new customers since re launch of the proposition in July.”











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