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2012 predictions: Sony Ericsson UK & Ireland MD Pierre Perron

Mobile News
January 18, 2012

Partnerships will be key, according to Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland managing director Pierre Perron, with growing smartphone usage making mobile entertainment key in meeting consumer needs

“The industry will see a number of new trends emerge in 2012 that will present some fantastic new opportunities.

“The future of mobile is about consumers creating a personal entertainment experience for themselves that is very simple to set up and is both easy to use and to share. Included in this is access to content such as music, movies, gaming, sharing, social networking and localised information, as well as the ability to connect PC, TV, tablet and smartphone screens easily.

“The speed at which our industry changes is unlike any other. For example, smartphone usage has gone through the roof and has established user behaviours very quickly. We must be prepared to establish partnerships rapidly to deliver what consumers want.

“With the growing consumer appetite for mobile entertainment, there’s a greater focus on the ecosystem – the smartphone is fast becoming the access point for content, meaning it’s difficult to differentiate through hardware.

“The opportunity here is to focus on giving consumers the best possible experience by offering open content with fast interaction between screens and social media accounts. The industry needs to ensure its products are simple and easy for consumers to use and understand.”

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