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2012 predictions: ShoreTel CMO Kevin Gavin

Mobile News
January 19, 2012

It will be the year when people learn how to balance multiple personalities that go with each device a person owns, according to ShoreTel chief marketing office Kevin Gavin

“With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programmes taking off within so many companies, the simple fact is that people are choosing a myriad of devices for use in their work and personal lives.

“As our addiction to mobile devices becomes even stronger in 2012, we’ll learn how to balance the multiple personalities that go with each device.

“Frequently, each of these devices has a different phone number for ‘identity’. But the answer is not just to have one number across all our devices. That’s a nightmare, not nirvana.

“People want to project the right identity to the right audience. In a simple but profound way, my phone number is my identity. We need purpose-driven numbers that indicate our distinct identities in different contexts.

“Mobile comms and UC systems will manage calls and filters access just as we set groups and apply filters to our social identities online.”

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