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2012 predictions: Ovum research director Tim Jennings

Mobile News
January 20, 2012

Ovum research director Tim Jennings is hedging his bets on mobile apps driving innovation this year, while tablets will continue to get a foothold in the enterprise market

Mobile apps in both the commercial and public sectors will mature to become a lever for change and innovation in 2012. The debate over native apps versus browser-based apps will continue to be driven by the growing exploitation of HTML5 andCSS5.

The tablet computer will continue to see deployment by the enterprise for specific roles, particularly for customer-facing staff in service industries, as a tool to close the knowledge gap with customers who themselves are increasingly armed with product and price search services on their own smart devices.

Organisations must learn to live in a state of compromise and should plan and act as though they have already been breached.

The flip of the consumerisation of IT is that customer complaints will increasingly take the form of a malicious attack on the corporate network. The use of employee-owned devices will also continue to increase the number of data leakage points for the enterprise.

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